14th FEB 2018


VR headset

The Sony PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear VR are all
incredible gadgets and worthy of being in your home. The tech is improving all
the time and with it, the abilities of the headset. There are some fun games
which incorporate VR, such as Batman Arkham, and you can watch
360-degree videos on YouTube. The option to watch live NBA games
in virtual reality is also possible.

Polaroid Pop

Due to Polaroid’s 80th anniversary, the longstanding photography company
has released a cool digital camera called the Pop.
This is a camera that can not only take 20-megapixel pictures,
but also print 3.5″ x 4.15″ images. The little gadget can also record
1080p HD video, and the best thing? It’s pocket sized.

Smart speaker

Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home have been hugely popular
smart speakers in the last few months. These are useful home gadgets that
can assist you with many tasks, simply by asking it to do something out loud!
You can keep track of your to-do lists, ask for recipe ideas, receive quick trivia
facts, play music, and even turn off lights via voice commands.


Drones have become a huge gadget sensation recently, but it’s no surprise,
considering how much fun they can be. The ability to film way up in the sky is
something that can’t be done any other way. Some great footage has been
appearing from locations that are nigh on impossible to access for humans,
but for drones? Piece of cake. A must-have for travel and tech enthusiasts.


For reading eBooks, it doesn’t get much better than the Amazon Kindle.
With a display that appears to match a real book, it’s easy on the eye,
but also very simple to adjust. Font size and brightness are changeable,
and there’s definitely no glare. Kindles with a 6-inch display in black and white
are available, and they are much lighter than you may think!
The best part? Thousands of eBooks can be downloaded,
sometimes for free.

  Source :NET