7th JAN 2020

Healthy, Happy and Safe Uttarayan

Itís just a less than a 6 days to go before the most awaited day arrives!
Yes, you guessed it perfectly right; I am talking about Gujaratís very own kites flying
festival, Uttarayan!
This is that time of the year when celebrations ring in the air and happiness touches
every heart. And now, in Gujarat, as we can see that the children and some grownups
have already started flying kites on their roof tops! However, in spite of all the
happiness and celebration an invisible danger has always been ignored.

Every year we read about hundreds of injuries and deaths during Uttarayan,
due to many reasons be it their own mistake or someone elseís. Along with human,
hundreds of innocent birds fall prey because of this festival who are inhabiting
the skies. Every year, many humans and countless birds die after being injured
by sharp kite-flying strings.

Tips for Kite fliers:
Remember 3Cís : Common sense, Courtesy and Caution

Tips for your health:

1. Take proper care of your eyes while flying kites because they are directly
exposed to sunlight and UV rays can cause severe damage to your eyes.
Wear sunglasses.

2. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

3.Do not try to collect kites from electric poles.

4. To take care of your skin apply lotion with SPF values of 25.
To prevent tan, this should be applied every four hours.

5. Wear cap, avoid leaving your hair open.

Tips for your own safety:

1. Donít fly kites by standing in narrow spaces or near the terrace borders.
Your life is much more costly than a kite.
And yes, please donít rush here and there to catch kites.

2. While flying kites, it is advisable to carry a first aid kit along to treat small cuts
on fingers due to kite-thread (manjha).

Tips for two wheel drivers:

1. If you are driving through road these days, make sure you wear a helmet,
scarf, muffler or at least neck protector.

2. Stay safe and alert. Remember to drive slowly to avoid such accidents because
in case a kite thread comes in your way of stopping your vehicle you can protect
yourself from an inch away.

Tips for birdsí safety:

1. Do not fly kites between 7 am to 9 am as well as between 5 pm to 7 pm.
These are the hours when there are maximum birds in the sky.

2. When a bird hits the ground, do not catch it immediately. Give it some time to gain
stability on its own while protecting it from cats and dogs If a bird has not received
serious cuts and is able to fly, let it go. Do not hold the birds too tightly.

3. If a bird is badly injured and seems to require first aid, then cover its eyes with
a soft cloth, like a sock. This will prevent them from fluttering their wings
Put the injured bird in an empty bucket and cover it with cloth until help arrives

4. Lastly, donít forget the birds, to whom the sky belongs!
If you find a bird, which got hurt by the strings, please make sure that
you contact local NGOs or Wild Life societies and inform the incident.

           Source :NET