17th NOV 2017


Here briefly listed down few things which you should strictly not do after a meal.
You might know them but you may not know the exact reason why?
For all your questions here is the answer.

1. Quit Smoking:
Smoking is most important act that people should avoid immediately after their meal.
Smoking 1 cigarette after a meal is equivalent to ill effects of smoking 10 cigarettes
and the chance of cancer is more in such cases.
This is true in the sense that the body’s absorption rate following a meal is increased,
magnifying the ill-effects of tobacco (nicotine) on our system like damaging
the intestine and some internal organs due to the outburst of free radical release.
So go easy with that.

2. Avoid fruits:
It is advised that you should not have fruits along with your meal and
also immediately after the meal as fruits that are taken during this time
cannot be digested easily in the intestine which causes the air bloating in stomach.
Fruits are best absorbed when consumed as a meal in itself.
You can have them either before or after the meal with a gap
of at least 2 – 3 hours.

3. Say no to tea:
Whenever you have a heavy meal then should be keep yourself away from
Tea for sometime as tea leaves contains acids in it.
When this acid enters the digestive system along with the food it makes
the process of digestion (Particularly proteins) process slow
and difficult by hardening them. So better to avoid
Tea after meal and mainly after a heavy meal.

4. Don’t Bathe:
Whenever we bathe, blood flow towards the extremities increases and
this is how you feel fresh after a bath.
But, after a meal blood flow towards the digestive system should be high
and not the extremities so as to maintain the normal digestive system.
That is why people are suggested not to have a bath immediately after a meal.

5. Don’t go for a walk:
Walking immediately after a meal is a bad idea.
People usually believe it is wise to take at least 100 steps after eating.
However, this is not true because walking will cause the digestive system
to be unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we intake.
Also, walking immediately after eating will lead to acid reflux and indigestion.
Walk after half an hour is always good but not immediately.

6. Never Sleep:
There always has to be gap of 1-2 hours between your meals and
the time you reach your bed. Because sleeping immediately after your meal
will result in improper digestion as efficiency of digestive system decreases.
Also, sleeping immediately may lead to gastric and infection in intestine.
Habitually sleeping immediately after a meal will
also increase the tendency to obesity.

           Source :NET